Hey guys,

Firstly I want to say sorry I’ve not blogged in a while, truth be told I lost my mojo for a little bit and just needed some time to focus on myself but here I am and I hope you take something away from this blog to help you during lock-down.

2020 has been a strange one hasn’t it? First Brexit and now COVID 19! What a strange time we are all living in, crazy hey? As you all know I always like to keep fit for my mental health and well-being, I always wear my heart on my sleeve as you can tell in my Instagram stories and Facebook so this blog is going to be no different.

With the current situation we are all facing and with lock down, the rug has definitely been pulled from underneath us in so many ways – Myself personally I have realised even more so that the simple things in life are the best things. With all this time there has never been a better moment for myself to get even fitter, so that’s how I started to deal with COVID-19. I’ve set a challenge to be as fit as possible before I turn 50 in July hopefully COVID-19 will be over by then.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram or Facebook will know that I have started running. I have to say I’ve never usually been into running but I’m trying best. I started off by running a mile every day after and I want to build up on that. When the gym closed it felt like my medicine had been taken away, the thing that was helping with my physical and mental health was no longer available which was difficult – I know a lot of you have been feeling the same. However I feel like I have found a new medicine through running 3 x a week.

Keeping Fit with Running


Bag LIfting

The reason I started was because I was struggling with working out inside my home so the running has done the same effect as my boxing training. After every run the endorphin rush I get to my brain gives me that dose for the rest of the day. I’ve had so many tips and encouragement from lots of people on social media that goes such a long way I’m helping me, which goes to show that you shouldn’t be frightened to ask for help because it can be so beneficial in helping you improve! Another huge help for me is having a good playlist to listen to while I’m on the road running.

There’s no denying that this is a tough time for us all, but always remember Tough times don’t last, tough people do. That’s my new favourite quote along with my old one which I will always stick to – keep it simple.

Another thing I’ve focused on is my food intake and diet. It has become even more healthier with lovely home cooked fresh food I think this can be really important when you combine it with exercise while we are locked down.

Personally my own mental health and well-being is ok considering right now I have no income but that’s the perils of being self-employed. The silver lining is that it has made me realise money does not make you happy, it just gives you more choices and I have learnt to cope with less and realise material things are not as important as we think.

I’m going to end this blog now as you know I never do long ones but with this thought in mind stay safe everyone. Look back on this time and reflect on this ever-changing world. Better days are on the way and we will all look back on 2020 and never forget what we went through and hopefully learn something about ourselves.


Darren Looking Dapper

Until next time

Much love