We all have those days where you want to sack off the workout, veg on the sofa and eat a tub of ice cream. Maybe you’ve eaten healthy all week and been to the gym, but it’s all gotten too much so you feel like throwing in the towel because you just don’t feel like you’re making progress. Trust me you are not alone and the key is how you tackle it.

My first bit of advice would be that you should try not to stress – we all have days where our motivation and willpower go out the window. After all, we are only human! But the best thing to do is get straight back on it.

One of the biggest problems in we have in this world is that we compare ourselves to others. My advice would be to not look at everyone else’s journey and feel deflated if you don’t get similar results, it’s your journey and it will have many bumps and hiccups on the road that other people won’t have experienced. Try to keep a positive mindset and you’re already halfway there!

Just like everyone else I have my struggles when it comes to motivations, but on a tricky day I try to remember why I started and what my original goal was. I ask myself What am I doing this for? and remind myself that I’m closer today than I was yesterday.

Another key element in staying on top of my motivation for fitness is not letting a bad day become a bad week. As I said, we are all human so we are bound to have bad days, the key to this is limiting how long that lasts.

I’ve always said that a bad day doesn’t ruin anything, nor does a meal out. If you have to eat a less healthy option then enjoy it rather than beating yourself up about it. Wake up the next day and get straight back to the mindset of Consistently trying to win the day.

To finish off this blog I thought I’d just share a couple of things that work for me to keep fit, hopefully you can use these as tips for your journey too

  • Include HIIT workouts in your journey
  • Use your body weight when performing exercises to get stronger
  • Keep hydrated – this is so important as it will help you perform the best
  • Limiting the alcohol you consume weekly can keep you on top of fitness, less hangovers and less calories means a healthier mind and body!
  • Prep your own food – by staying organised it can mean you’ll eat less junk food and then take outs
  • Fasted Training – Something I do regularly which really makes me feel good first thing in the morning
  • Limit the eating out fast food
  • Keep it simple. Don’t create complicated routines that are hard to stick to
  • Don’t overtrain?- this can cause serious Injuries which will mean you are out of action for long periods of time.
  • Rest is part of the program. Always remember that our body needs to rest in order to grow and progress. Never feel guilty about resting and make sure you allow this for your mind and body


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Darren Branch