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It’s been a while but 2020 has been a strange and very different and sometimes difficult year to say the least (Covid -19) hopefully we will all be out of this situation ASAP.


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Let’s start with mindset and comfort zones


Throughout life, we’re always in one of two zones.


The first is the one we refer to when we say we’re “in the zone,” aka: extremely motivated or pushing for success.


The second is the Twilight Zone version of that zone …


… the Comfort Zone.


Let’s face it: we’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter how much motivation we may have to grow and succeed, when it comes down to actually doing stressful things that might move us closer to our goals, it’s easy to let ourselves overthink it and backtrack.


We’re naturally geared towards staying inside of our comfort zones. Our mind is always looking for ways to protect us, so it tries to hold us back from potentially risky situations that can lead to failure, anxiety, and stress.


But … growth is all about pushing those boundaries.


If you’re happy staying in your comfort zone, you’ll feel safer, but you’re also probably going to stay stagnant where you are. If you want to succeed, you’re going to have to break out of that mentality and do things that will seem scary. After all, rewards usually don’t come if you aren’t taking any risks, and every successful person has had to get out of their comfort zones (mines running) at some point to get to where they are today.





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Strength Training Without Weights!


I come bearing good news (weight-free good news): you don’t need weights to strength train.


Yeah, I know. After walking into the gym and seeing all the ripped and pumped guys pumping nothing but iron, that might be hard to believe, but trust me, it can be done.


The main difference between building strength with weights in the gym and building strength anywhere with your bodyweight is simply creativity.



This is one of the reasons I focus on mostly bodyweight work for myself and my clients – not only does it actually build holistic strength and improve functional movement, but it also keeps them (and I) from getting bored from so many repetitive lifts and moves. With bodyweight, the options for movements become limitless and, if structured correctly, can have you making serious gains.


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Hope you found this blog useful and let’s hope after the 2nd lockdown some of You guys will come our fitter stronger and mentally well .




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